[winswitch] Xpra for thin clients

Elliot Hallmark Permafacture at gmail.com
Fri Sep 12 03:29:19 BST 2014

I just want to check in and make sure I am thinking correctly.  My aim is
to serve hardware opengl accelerated applications to thin clients.

I wanted to use nvenc from a gtx 660, but this requires a developer key.
So, for a prototype before investing in a $2000 grid card ( k1 and k2
support nvenc through xpra without a dev key), I will use the x264 encoder.

Clients will run a stripped down linux that only runs xpra client in full
screen, ultimately with a python based application or session selector
interface.  Server will serve applications (potentially virtualized
desktops) at the full screen resolution of the client.  The server will
render applications on the gtx 660 before encoding.  I believe this
requires some hacking to make each application in a common X session (ie
:100.1, 100.2, etc) inorder to "share" the gpu.

I can do the last bit with X, ie I had two monitors displaying seperate
hardware accelerated programs (like minecraft) from a single gpu through
creative use of xorg.conf, so I'm assuming it can happen with xpra too.

Has anyone done this before? Any heads up would be appreciated.


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