[winswitch] more experimentation on openSuSE 13.1

basd basd1 at fastbk.com
Fri Apr 24 00:53:32 BST 2015

Antoine, please let me know if I am sending too many posts.  If there are other openSuSE users out
there, they may be interested in my progress (or lack thereof).

New developments in my troubleshooting:

1. I implemented xinetd to get the remote VNC system working independently of Winswitch.  This is
working nicely. However, it may be interfering with winswitch launch of vnc sessions, since they no
longer work.

2. I tracked down some dependencies I *thought* I had already installed.  One new development after
installing these is that winswitch_applet now identifies the server physical desktop and offers the
option to make an xpra copy.of it.  The xpra copy worked on the remote, although either this or
launching a VNC copy crashed my server desktop. 

3. We previously discussed libwebp5.  My openSuSE 13.1 only offers libwebp4.  I don't know if the
libwebp5 requirement came from the xpra sources or if I created the issue by building my rpm on
openSuSE 13.2.  In any event, I installed the 13.2 version of libwebp5 and winswitch quit
complaining about that dependency.  I suppose it would make sense to rebuild xpra on openSuSE 13.1
to see if any problems are eliminated.

4. I can't find an rpm to provide typelib(AppIndicator).  I get a prompt of "no module
appindicator". OpenSuSE 13.2 has typelib(AppiIndicator3).  Can we use AppIndicator3 or does the
dependency require AppIndicator?  AppIndicator seems to be obsolete.  In any event, neither version
is available for openSuSE 13.1.  I can get AppIndicator3 if I import a number of dependencies from
openSuSE 13.2. 

There may be additional missing dependencies, since it appears that YAST stops when it hits a
missing dependency rather than listing all that might exist.  Some of the missing dependencies I am
picking up from the console output.

I haven't looked at the console output on my 13.2 install yet, so I don't know if there are similar
dependency issues.  I do know that YAST2 did not complain about any missing dependencies when I
installed the rpm I built, whereas there seem to be several relating to openSuSE 13.1.



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