[winswitch] more experimentation on openSuSE 13.1

basd basd1 at fastbk.com
Fri Apr 24 17:28:01 BST 2015

Antoine, thank you for replies.  I think I am making "progress".  Studying winswitch/xpra/vnc/etc.
has been highly educational on multiple levels.  I'm really impressed with the way Winswitch checks
for multiple OS setups and adjusts for their various differences. 

1.  I repackaged xpra and winswitch on the opSU machine I am running it on.  Did not solve any
problems, but at least I know I don't have version conflicts (and solved the libwebp5 issue).

2.  I think the desktop session problem is authentication, as the vncserver session starts and then
immediately closes. How difficult would it be for me to temporarily change the code so that the call
to vncserver is the same as I would run manually?  Eg., vncserver -name xxx (and I guess port),
thereby using my existing passwd file for authentication?   I see from the from the console output
winswitch makes a similar call, but is setting up a session password file, etc. in the ~/.winswitch

3.  Good to know I don't need AppIndicator -- thanks for this info.

4.  Re: crashing the server desktop:  I think Xpra is "covering up" my X session and not actually
crashing it -- I get a white screen.  My recovery is to hit <ctrl><alt><del>, which brings up the
KDE logout prompt (even though I can't see it, but sometimes it flickers to the surface
momentarily).  Then I hit <enter> which does a clean logout to the kdm login screen.  Existing
vncserver sessions are still active when I log back in and so is Winswitch.  (This is on the server
and not on the client -- not sure why Xpra would be putting anything at all on the server screen ...)

5.  I have two opSU 13.2 computers running winswitch/xpra.  Both of them consistently serve xpra
applications without problems (but not desktop sessions).  Something changed for the better from
13.1 to 13.2.

It will be great to get this running on Android.  I like to travel with my phone only, which
connected to a keyboard and hotel tv gives me complete access to my servers and a full "desktop"


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