[winswitch] [ANNOUNCE] xpra 0.15.3 (minor fixes)

Frédéric Henry-Couannier fhenryco at yahoo.fr
Fri Aug 14 09:54:36 BST 2015

Eventually i managed to get the video remotely from my virtualbox ubuntu but using xpra commands (not windows switch GUI) but couldnt get any remote sound yet (though sound is audible on the server ) ... i got lost in Sound – Xpra
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     Le Jeudi 13 août 2015 16h36, Frédéric Henry-Couannier <fhenryco at yahoo.fr> a écrit :

 OK, thanks,  so i have to wait for the upgrade...  so far, my two winswitches on two distant ubuntus dont see each other as these should through mdns (without any need for configuration) as far as i have understood . But may be this is because virtualbox VMs are designed to communicate only through RDP or VNC on the appropriate port (i opened 5010 on my firewall and could connect to it using rdesktop) , this is the naive question i was asking to myself...any comment on that ?

     Le Jeudi 13 août 2015 15h49, Frédéric Henry-Couannier <fhenryco at yahoo.fr> a écrit :

I'm not sure sending to the correct mailing list...My first question is: does xpra and winswitch work to provide a  remote desktop of a virtual machine?In my case it's a kubuntu VM (virtualbox in another linux host system) and i successfully installed xpra and winswitch both server and client side which is also an ubuntu 14.04 remote system (it's just for testing purpose).
 i just apt-get installed the xpra and winswitch versions available in ubuntu , is that all right or should i really follow the instructions here to add the repositories? :
 Window Switch - Debian Repository
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thanks in advance

    Le Mardi 14 juillet 2015 18h49, Antoine Martin <antoine at nagafix.co.uk> a écrit :

 On 14/07/15 20:53, Douglas Doole wrote:
> Any idea why this hasn't been pushed out for Ubuntu 14.04 yet? The DEBs have just landed now.
Thanks for the reminder!


> > On Sun, Jul 12, 2015 at 11:33 AM Antoine Martin
<antoine at nagafix.co.uk <mailto:antoine at nagafix.co.uk>> wrote: >
> Hi,
> This update fixes a fair number of minor issues, none of which are
> really critical, but updating is recommended nonetheless.
> There is also one "new" feature, which is unusual for a stable update,
> that's because the feature is both very unlikely to interfere with
> anything (10 lines of code) and very useful for running in containers.
> You can now connect to a socket directly by name, ie:
> xpra attach socket:/path/to/hostname-$DISPLAY
> 0.15.3 release notes:
> * fix invalid X11 atom
> * fix unhandled failure code from libav
> * fix default socket permissions when config file is missing
> * fix error handling for missing cuda kernels
> * fix OpenGL paint early errors
> * fix "print" control command with multiple clients
> * skip sending invalid packet to client for the "name" control command
> * more helpful dpi warning
> * support connecting to named unix domain sockets
> * OpenGL option can force enable despite platform checks
> * replace unsafe deprecated API call in HTML5 client
> * more reliable and clean shutdown of connections and threads
> * log internal system failures as errors
> The source:
> https://xpra.org/src/
> Binaries/repositories:
> https://winswitch.org/downloads/
> Direct binary downloads:
> https://xpra.org/dists/
> Beta:
> https://xpra.org/beta/
> Cheers
> Antoine
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