[winswitch] new kde system tray

Randy thejunk.b at gmail.com
Wed Aug 26 16:17:30 BST 2015

I reciently had kde pushed to my machines in Debian Testing 
(Stretch) among other issues, like the lib's not being pushed at the same 
time, winswitch does not dock in the system tray.  In fact after launching 
it, and it does connect to the other instances ok, it never shows up 
anywhere. "Bummer"  So it is quite useless. 

 On a side note, I keep my taskbar docked on the left side of the screen 
because my laptop has more relestate in width than height.  Historaclly 
when I would click on the winswitch icon on the left the dropdown menu 
would appear on the very right side of the screen.  Somewhat anoying.  
Could that be fixed when you get the system tray fixed again?

If it ain't broke tweek it

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