[winswitch] CentOS 6.6 - No package winswitch available

Philip Loewen philip at tidepool.ca
Mon Feb 9 16:29:18 GMT 2015

In CentOS 6.6, with winswitch.repo installed, the command
     sudo yum install winswitch
produces the error message in the subject line:
     Setting up Install Process
     No package winswitch available.
     Error: Nothing to do
I'm stuck.

I looked at the online repository mentioned in the
file named /etc/yum.repos.d/winswitch.repo, at
It contains no files named like "winswitch*rpm".
So maybe the error message is just telling the truth.

In contrast, the repository provided for CentOS 6.5 includes
I didn't grab that one, because I'm nervous
about using an RPM for a different OS version.
(I'm interested in winswitch precisely because
I am not an expert with CentOS.)

Looking forward in time, it seems like there is no
winswitch*rpm file in any CentOS repo newer than 6.5.
So even if I upgrade to CentOS 7 Server, I anticipate
having the same problem.

Any ideas? Thanks for any help/suggestions you can provide.

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