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Antoine Martin antoine at nagafix.co.uk
Sun Feb 15 04:39:25 GMT 2015


Window positioning in general is a thorny issue.
Xpra is a window manager, but it mediates with the client side window
manager (the MS Windows desktop in your case) to do everything,
including window placement. Then there's the issue of emulating multiple
screens with one virtual dummy driver (see fakexinerama), etc..

If you file a request for enhancement about this, I am sure we can do


On 15/02/15 09:05, Lukas Haase wrote:
> Hi,
> I've a really frustrating way problem for quite some time: I use xpra on a Windows with one (undocked laptop), two (docking station #1) or three (docking station #2) monitors. In the docking station cases, the *primary* display is/are always the external monitor and the secondary one the internal laptop display. Since the laptop is actually a convertible tablet, I use it nearly exclusively are notepad (having the display lying on the table with OneNote open).
> Although the internal laptop display is *not* the primary monitor, it is to the *left* of the other screens and hence, it has position (0,0) of the complete virtual display.
> Now I have X window applications (again, proprietary, sorry) which in 90% of the cases place the windows on the *secondary* monitor. Since I don't even use that display as an actual monitor, it is so annoying to drag all the windows (and the applications really opens a lot of windows) to the actual primary screen. I asked in the forum of the proprietary application [1] and they claim the window manager would have the option to decide on which monitor new windows open etc.
> My question: Would it be possible to specify this in xpra (which also acts as a window manager)?
> The best, greatest and *most natural* solution would be to open new windows always on the same monitor as the last active application was on. I don't understand how this can't be default. With every wingle Windows application I use this is the case and windows only go to the secondary monitor when I specifically drag them there.
> In the worst case, a brute-force solution may be to exclude certain monitors at all from xpra ... would this be possible?
> Thanks,
> Luke
> [1] http://preview.tinyurl.com/m4k2l2f
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