[winswitch] support for warping pointer

Antoine Martin antoine at nagafix.co.uk
Thu Feb 26 07:22:12 GMT 2015


On 26/02/15 04:07, Fazlul Shahriar wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm trying to use the acme text editor in xpra, which makes heavy use of
> pointer warping but the warping functionality doesn't seem to work. Here is
> a video of how acme warps the pointer when opening a file:
> http://youtu.be/dP1xVpMPn8M?t=9m28s
> It looks like acme is using the XWarpPointer(3) function, so perhaps xpra
> doesn't support this function?
Warping the pointer could be quite difficult to implement.
We would have to make sure that we're supposed to be in control of the
pointer on the client side by the time we get the message, and I could
see some users would never want to have xpra control the cursor.
We would also need to figure out when those warped pointer events should
be honoured: distinguishing between the warp pointer events that we
generate ourselves and the ones that other applications can generate
(all asynchronously..)
It may be possible, but this isn't high on the priority list at the
moment. If you can create a ticket for it, at least it won't be forgotten.

> Thanks,
> fhs
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