[winswitch] bug: xpra 0.15.0 for Debian has wrong paths in /etc/xpra/xpra.conf

Antoine Martin antoine at nagafix.co.uk
Tue Jun 2 11:26:01 BST 2015

On 02/06/15 17:18, Dennis Schridde wrote:
> Hello!
> The xpra 0.15.0 package for Debian has wrong paths in /etc/xpra/xpra.conf.
Which version of Debian are you running?
> It sets:
> xvfb=/usr/bin/Xorg -noreset -nolisten tcp +extension GLX +extension RANDR +extension RENDER -logfile ${HOME}/.xpra/Xorg.${DISPLAY}.log -config /tags/v0.15.x/src/debian/tmp/etc/xpra/xorg.conf
> Correct would be:
> xvfb=Xorg -noreset -nolisten tcp +extension GLX +extension RANDR +extension RENDER -logfile ${HOME}/.xpra/Xorg.${DISPLAY}.log -config /etc/xpra/xorg.conf
How would that be more correct?
We try very hard to make sure that we use the correct Xorg binary, not a 
wrapper or script. (of which there are many!)
The build figured out that this file was the right one to use. Is it not?


> Best regards,
> Dennis
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