[winswitch] Tiny fonts with xpra 0.15.0

Antoine Martin antoine at nagafix.co.uk
Tue Jun 2 15:14:20 BST 2015

On 02/06/15 21:04, Douglas Doole wrote:
> Oops, I lied ;-)
> The problem isn't in the 0.15.0 server. I just downgraded my server to
> 0.14.25 and the problem is still present.
That makes more sense.
>   So it must have something to do
> with the different monitor at home vs. work. At home I'm just using my
> laptop's native display but at work I have an external monitor that I
> attach.
Please include the server and client log output.
And maybe also the info you get from running xrandr in a terminal.
If this problem persists, it is probably best to follow it up in a ticket.


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