[winswitch] xpra build error

daltrey daltrey at daltrey.org
Wed Jun 3 15:55:52 BST 2015

Actually, even with the ffmpeg installed, I still get the crashes.  Does not happen every time, but
I am not certain what is the difference.  Here is the last sequence:

1. reboot computer.
2. start winswitch
3. start application "Caligra KDE help" in Xpra via winswitch menu.  (This was just a random selection.)
4. Close Caligra help window by clicking x in corner.
5. An xpra icon remains in tray -- not sure what these are, but I routinely have one xpra session in
tray that does not seem to be related to any actual session.
6. Close Winswitch

Result: black screen, blinking cursor, computer unresponsive except to <ctrl><alt><delete> (which
drops to runlevel 3 and reboots computer).


Lenovo Yoga2 Pro x86_64, quad density screen, intel i7
OpenSuSE 13.2 + Linux 4.0.x kernel

(rpms for both built on same machine that is crashing).

This does not happen on my other computer, running rpms built from the same spec files, setup as

HP AMD x86_64 desktop
OpenSuSE 13.1 (linux kernel 3.16.x I think, whichever is standard for openSuSE 13.1)

(opSU 13.1 rpms built on this machine)

On 06/01/2015 10:54 PM, Antoine Martin wrote:
> On 02/06/15 04:51, basd wrote:
>> Installed fmpeg and ffmpeg-devel so the rpmbuild and install work now.
>> Plus, exits from Winswitch/Xpra are not crashing my server anymore.
> My best guess is that until you installed ffmpeg, you were using other fallback modules for image
> processing: either our own cython csc module, the pyopencl one, or maybe the vpx encoder.
> One of those may contain a corruption bug which would cause crashes.
> If so, you should be able to reproduce the problem by selecting which video encoders and csc
> modules are activated, ie:
> xpra start --video-encoders=vpx --csc-modules=opencl
> Please try to reproduce it: the fact that the problem is no longer occurring does not mean that
> the bug is gone, it is simply not triggered. And it may trigger later...

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