[winswitch] pulse audio processes on server remain after xpra stop

Antoine Martin antoine at nagafix.co.uk
Fri Jun 12 14:24:37 BST 2015

On 11/06/15 21:50, Jiang Qian wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> I'm puzzled whether this behavior is intended or not, so I ask this
> list rather than file a bug report. When I quite xpra instance on the
> server by doing first
> xpra list
> to find out which display it's running on (e.g. :100)
> and then do
> xpra stop :100
> the xpra instance stops successfully, as xpra list shows no running instance.
> But if I do this on the server
> ps|grep pulse
> and I found instances of pulse audio stopped by xpra still running.
That would be an Ubuntu bug, I have created a ticket for it:
> When I start a new instance of xpra server, a new instance of pulse
> audio start. If I kill the old pulse audio, the sound on the new xpra
> instance is not affected.
Just be aware that you can only have a single pulseaudio instance per
user unless you start messing with its environment.
That's a pulseaudio "feature".
> This happens both on 0.14 branch and 0.15 branch. I'm running both
> server and client on ubuntu 14.04
I've just tried this with a brand new user and the pulseaudio process
did get killed when the server was stopped. But that was on Fedora...

In your server log, you should see messages like these right at the end:
Shutting down in response to request
stopping pulseaudio with pid 19682
xpra is terminating.
removing socket /home/xpratest/.xpra/myhostname-20
killing xvfb with pid 19665

You can also see details on the processes started by xpra with:
xpra info | grep "^child"

And then I tried it on Ubuntu Trusty and found that it restarts a brand
new process after we kill the pulseaudio server.
So, it's a "feature" that sending a SIGINT does not stop it properly, sigh.

> Jiang
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