[winswitch] Google chrome can't resize

John Smith johnss1221 at gmail.com
Fri Jun 19 11:31:37 BST 2015


I'm running xpra 0.15.0 r9556 release version for both server(trusty) and
client(MS Windows 7 64bit).

I have some problems with it.
1. I found that Firefox, xterm can resize but the Chrome can not.
2. If  use encode=rgb, compression=lz4, and :
 a. Play the Firefox ( not maximize), everything is great and fast.
 b. Play the Firefox ( maximize), it seems slower than (a) and a bit lag.
The resolution of my client is 1366x768

Except those problems, I feel the new version is faster than 0.14.x. It's
so good.

Thank you,

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