[winswitch] note to downstream packagers - 0.15.2-2

Antoine Martin antoine at nagafix.co.uk
Tue Jun 30 05:14:18 BST 2015


I have added a new wiki page which should be helpful to downstream
packagers, and also for my own use when managing stable updates:
From there, you can see what has been applied to each branch, and what
is likely to be applied in future updates.

I mention this now because I managed to make a mess of one patch in
0.15.2, which caused this bug:
Because of the way the xpra.org build system works, I was able to push
out fixed packages (as "0.15.2-2") with this change easily enough last
But downstream packagers would have to either snapshot the branch or
convert the commits into patches... At least now it should be more


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