[winswitch] Window Switch collaboration with Zero Install

Bastian Eicher bastian at eicher.net
Mon Mar 9 11:03:34 GMT 2015

Hello all,

I am a developer on the Zero Install project (http://0install.net/), a
cross-platform open-source package manager. Its main feature is the ability
to "run" applications without having an explicit install step (automatically
downloading and caching any required binaries and dependencies for you).

I have recently been thinking about adding functionality to Zero Install to
allow it to launch an application on a remote machine.
Possible use-case: User on a Windows workstation wants to use a Linux-only
application and tries to launch it via Zero Install. Zero Install sees that
there is no implementation available for the local platform but that there
is a suitable remote machine or VM and launches the application there.

Since Window Switch already implements all the cool cross-platform app
remoting goodness I thought it would be a perfect fit. Would you guys
perhaps be interested in collaborating on some form of integration between
Window Switch and Zero Install?


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