[winswitch] openSuSE 13.2 - some observations

basd basd1 at fastbk.com
Sat May 23 20:12:40 BST 2015

Just FYI

1.  I built a winswitch-0.12.21 rpm for openSuSE 13.2 and installed it.  No problems.
2.  I also ran the subversion version winswtch-0.12.21 from the Eric6 python IDE.  No problems.
3.  I accidentally removed xpra and discovered this:  If I try to run application sessions from my
openSuSE 13.1 server when there is no xpra, they actually come up in a VNC session.  (This is
actually an improvement, because Winswitch-0.12.21 on my openSUSE 13.1 server will provide VNC
desktops but not Xpra application session. (Haven't upgraded it yet, so don't know if this is
Winswitch or Xpra related.)
3a. When I run winswitch and xpra IS installed, there are a lot more gobject errors when winswitch
starts up.
4.  I could not build an xpra-0.14.24 rpm.  I have two spec files -- don't remember where I found
them, but somewhere on the xpra site.  On the more complex spec file (with the options for fedora, I
get an "fg: no job control" error and nothing compiles.  With the other spec file, a lot of
compiling happens and then in the codec section it crashes with 'command "gcc" failed exit status 1'. 
4a.  I installed a lot more dependencies based on these spec files, but it didn't solve anything.
5.  I have the subversion version of xpra-0.14.24, also in the Eric6 IDE.  Unfortunately, it doesn't
run because from the top at the "from platform import init" in xpra-launcher Eric can't find init.

I think I'll try xpra-0.15 and see what happens.  I realize that xpra-0.14 is sort of old news at
this point.

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