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Antoine Martin antoine at nagafix.co.uk
Wed May 27 10:00:51 BST 2015

On 27/05/15 01:00, basd wrote:
> @ Frédéric Henry-Couannier:
> While (so far) I think TigerVNC is a better option for full desktop session, here is how I recently
> implemented Xpra desktop session:
> 1.  Run xterm via Start Application Session>Custom Command>xterm
> (or, if running a standalone xpra server without winswitch, probably just start the child-xterm, per
> the examples at xpra.com)
> 2.  From xterm, run ""Xephyr :200 &"
> 3.  Run "DISPLAY=:200 icewm &"
Judging by the instructions you give, you seem to be using winswitch.
Why not just use the "start desktop" option instead?
> When I do this, #2 opens a Xephyr window, #3 puts an icewm windows manager on it.
> (You can pick the desktop provided it is installed on the server: twm, lxsessiom, xfce4-session, etc.)
> The desktop window that opens is not resizeable, so if you want dimensions other than the default,
> you will need to follow the example at Xpra.org to specify the dimensions of the Xephyr window.
> This Xephyr is a child of the xterm application window, so you can't close the xterm without losing
> the desktop.
It doesn't have to be, you can just put Xephyr as a "start-child".
> I created a script (xephyr_launch)  in ~/bin on the server as follows:
> #!/bin/bash
> Xephyr :200 &
> DISPLAY=:200 icewm &
You could also define your own ".desktop" file and place it in 
/usr/share/applications, or in the winswitch specific applications folder.
> So, if I start the custom application "xterm" and in xterm run "xephyr_launch", the icewm desktop
> opens.  In this manner, it is possible to save the Xephyr settings and not retype them every
> startup.  Or, have alternatives tht launch different desktops, so one could have "icewm_launch" and
> "xfce_launch" or the like.
> Alternatively, one could have a "menu" script in ~/bin from which you can have a single key launch
> for different options, such as "[i] = icewm [x] = xfce" and provide calls to launch the selected
> desktop.
> I have not figured out if I can create a script that I can run "xephyr_launch" that will launch the
> desktop without the xterm window.  I think I can probably do something like "xterm -e Xephyr :200 &
> DISPLAY=:200 icewm &" in my script and launch the whole thing from "xephyr_launch".  I think I did
> successfully launch xterm
> However, I'm not certain because in my testing I keep locking up the X server/display :200 or
> crashing my server altogether.  I'll report back if I ever get it right.
> (I have determined that custom command will not launch "xterm -e xephyr_launch" as this will crash
> my server.)
You should never be able to crash a server by launching an xterm or 
xephyr, sounds like a major bug somewhere.


> :-)
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