[winswitch] interesting development

basd basd1 at fastbk.com
Wed May 27 18:56:05 BST 2015

Not speaking for developers, just for myself -- to build the RPM for your system requires that
someone is running a full "development" version of your system unless it is compatible with the rpms
from another system.

Both winswitch and xpra can be installed from sources I believe via python installer -- the drawback
being that "uninstall" is not necessarily clean, per winswitch website.

I use openSuSE -- I tried the various RPMs, such as for Fedora and CentOS -- but they did not work
for me.  So I have built my own RPMs from sources.  You are welcome to try my openSuSE RPMs and if
you have a working install of your own system that can run rpmbuild or the like I will be happy to
assist your efforts to build your own RPM.

Also, as I noted in a recent post, I did not have all of the necessary dependencies iinstalled, you
may have a similar problem.  If you look through the .spec file, you will see a lot of dependencies
that need to be installed and you can install them one by one via your own installer (provided the
necessary packages are available).  If you can't find the spec file I will be happy to send my copy
-- I can't remember actually where I got it from, but it was somewhere on winswitch or xpra sites.


On 05/27/2015 10:22 AM, Frédéric Henry-Couannier wrote:
> Well i'm not sur i understand what you mean by... the right settings...
> May be my problem from the begining is that xpra and winswitch are not provided by my linux distro which is Mageia so i had to install following instructions on a web site and i'm not sure it's complete...
> for instance i dont have winswitch ...
>  The Mageia team told be that i should ask the xpra developpers to make a rpm for mageia ...

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