[winswitch] Xpra man page confusion: compression level and compressor

Jiang Qian jiang.qian at gmail.com
Fri May 29 06:15:47 BST 2015

Perhaps I am missing something, but this line in the entry about
--compress=LEVEL in the manpage of xpra confuses me:
"If lz4 compression is available, it will be enabled *when the level
is set to 1*, lz4 compresses a lot less than zlib but it is also much
I use RBG encoding, and I certainly have lz4 compression available. I
enable them in command line by "--encoding=rgb --compressor=lz4"
Does that mean I need to put "--compress=1" to set compression level
to 1 in order for xpra to use lz4? What will happen if I put

--compress=0 --compressor=lz4?

What about
--compress=3 --compressor=lz4?

I am using xpra over a gigabit lan, but on a weaker client side
processor (the server have very powerful processor). I want rgb for
display quality. I watch flash videos (e.g. nytimes, daily show) that
are too slow to play on the client side, obviously with sound.
So are

--encode=rgb --packet-encoder=rencode --compress=1 --compresspr=lz4

the best options to have? Right now there are occassional lags and out
of sync in sound. I'm running 0.14.24 on both server and clients, both
running Ubuntu 14.04. I only forward individual window, not whole
desktop. And yes, I use xvfb.

Thanks in advance for any advice.


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