[winswitch] A Hopefully Quick Question About Xpra.

Antoine Martin antoine at nagafix.co.uk
Thu Nov 5 13:47:20 GMT 2015

> I added the following two functions to XpraServer and then started the
> thread
> on class initialization.
>     def schedule_pictures_thread(self):
>         while True:
>             self.idle_add(self.get_pictures)
>             time.sleep(1)
FYI: you don't really need a new thread here, just use:
self.timeout_add(1000, self.get_pictures)
and return True at the end of get_pictures.
> What I would like to do is keep the window mapped until its destruction.
> This
> way, I can take accurate screenshots of running programs regardless of if I
> am attached  to them. I believe I have found that calling the setup() window
>  method when it is initially created by the wm in _manage_client creates the
> pixmap. Now, I would like to change a bit of code that will a) map a window
> as soon as it is created by the wm and b) only unmap windows on
> destruction. I am looking for some hints on where I should be making these
> changes.
The setup() method of the window model class should be called from
do_manage_client already.
(see the ugly call_setup invoked from the instance __init__ method)
The unmap case is a little bit more difficult, you could try commenting
it out in _process_unmap_window and see what breaks...


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