[winswitch] [ANNOUNCE] xpra 0.15.8 (many fixes, some important)

Antoine Martin antoine at nagafix.co.uk
Fri Nov 13 14:29:21 GMT 2015

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This update fixes a very large number of issues, including some
important ones. You should update at the earliest opportunity.

This may well be the final release from the 0.15.x branch.

The OSX and MS Windows binaries are already available, the RPMs and
DEBs may take a few more hours to post.
The 0.14.32 release will follow shortly after that.

The RPM repositories also include some updated libraries:
libwebp-0.4.4, libvpx-1.5.0 and Pillow 3.0.0.
PyOpenGL and its accelerate module were rebuilt to try to prevent
conflicts with the newly packaged Fedora version.

Release notes:
* fix potential security issue with password challenge
* fix missing files from build clean target
* fix unnecessary auto-refresh events
* fix x265 encoder
* fix libvpx bitrate calculations, reduce logging spam
* fix validation of mmap security token
* fix handling of file transfers before authentication (disallowed)
* fix handling of requests to open files (honour command line / config)
* fix MS Windows multiple monitor bug (when primary monitor is re-added)
* fix video encoding automatic selection for encoders that accept RGB
* fix the session info sound graphs when sound stops
* fix RPM packaging of the cups backend
* fix the speed and quality values reported to the clients for x264
* fix OSX El Capitan sound compatibility issue
* fix codec import error handler
* fix compatibility with Python Pillow 3.0.0 (logging issue)
* fix support for Ubuntu Vivid (Xorg still unusable)
* fix batch delay heuristics during resizing and queue overload
* fix "always batch" mode
* fix missing network-send-speed accounting
* fix error in override redirect window geometry handling
* fix invalid error logging call
* fix error in XSettings handling causing connection failures
* fix race condition causing corrupted video streams
* fix unnecessary double refresh on client decoding error
* fix encoding bug triggered when dependencies are missing
* fix window size hints handling
* support Xorg location and arguments required by Arch Linux
* improved lz4 version detection workaround code
* support Xft/DPI
* safer OSX power event handling code
* workaround clients supplying a password when none is required
* log OpenGL driver information
* clamp desktop size to the maximum screen size
* avoid potential errors with bytes-per-pixel confusion with rgb modes
* disable workspace support (was causing compatibility issues)
* always watch for property changes, even without workspace support
* workaround clients supplying a password when none is required
* export shadow servers flag
* run the window opengl cleanup code

The source:
Direct binary downloads:

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