[winswitch] Package libwebp-xpra is not signed

Philip Loewen philip at tidepool.ca
Sun Nov 15 17:26:53 GMT 2015

On RHEL Server 7.1, the command
   sudo yum update xpra
downloads some rpm files, prints the error message below, and quits 
before doing anything more:
   Package libwebp-xpra-0.4.4-1.el7.centos.x86_64.rpm is not signed

I worked around this by adding a flag to the original command:
  sudo yum --nogpgcheck update xpra
The download got repeated, and then installation proceeded as expected.

This update transaction brought in 3 packages, and the error message
mentioned only the first one that yum inspected -- it may be that the
others would also be considered "not signed", but that the nogpgcheck 
flag was applied to the whole transaction.

Earlier in the same session, I had issued the command
   sudo rpm --import https://winswitch.org/gpg.asc

Other (admiring and grateful) xpra users may benefit from this 
information. I am just happy to be running the latest version now.

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