[winswitch] Sharing the xpra socket across virtual machine boundaries on windows/OSx

Timothy Hobbs timothy at hobbs.cz
Wed Oct 7 17:15:52 BST 2015

Dear list,

author of subuser.org here again. I've been thinking about how to get 
the subuser xpra bridge http://subuser.org/news/0.3.html to work in 
order to allow users to use subuser inside virtualbox on Windows and Mac 
OSx. Unfortunately, I don't want to give the xpra-server a network 
interface, because I want to be able to have subusers which do not have 
network access. Also, unfortunately, Windows and Mac don't support 
sharing unix sockets with virtual machines. I'm at a bit of a loss as to 
how I might start architecting a solution to these problems. Should I 
try to do some hack with soccat in order to transform the unix socket 
into a UDP socket? Any ideas?

Thank you,

Timothy Hobbs

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