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Antoine Martin antoine at nagafix.co.uk
Sat Oct 31 06:47:24 GMT 2015

On 28/10/15 17:54, Abdulaziz Aldarrab wrote:
> Good day,
> Current scenario, I have set of Linux servers to run applications on. The clients, Windows machines using Exceed (running in passive mode). Clients launch an application using an application launcher that: ssh Linux master node, then “qsub” use a schedule (UGE, PBS...etc.)  to submit a job which will be allocated an appropriate machine based on the resources requested. The submission script is nothing more than setenv DISPLAY to windows client & application execution script.
> With Xpra,  I couldn’t figure out a similar operation mode, where the windows client listens for connections coming from the Linux host as soon as the application starts remotely.
There is no passive mode, and none is planned.

Since you are running the script from the windows box, can't you just
have your script tell the windows box where to connect?
Something like:
HOST=`ssh LOADBALANCER gimme-host.sh`
xpra attach ssh:$HOST
(converting this shell example into the horrible win32 batch file format
left as an exercise)

Or you could extend the proxy server to deal with this load balancing.
The proxy server can use a simple text file to associate client
connections with their final server destination. As long as you update
this file, the client only needs to connect to the proxy server.

> Any hint would be really appreciated,  
> Thank you,
> Abdulaziz
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