[winswitch] Launcher Defaults/Config?

Antoine Martin antoine at nagafix.co.uk
Sun Aug 14 16:13:20 BST 2016

On 14/08/16 04:18, Robert Neal Clayton wrote:
> Hi folks, I’ve been using the Xpra server on a FreeBSD NAS and the Xpra client + launcher on OS X for awhile now.
> One nagging thing I’d like to find an answer to:  is there a set of defaults for the Launcher, a config file perhaps?
The launcher GUI has a "Save" and "Load" buttons, have you tried using that?

You can place all your settings in a file with the ".xpra" extension,
then the launcher should be executed when you try to open this file -
usually a double click is enough, or right click + open.
The only poorly documented feature is the magic flag "autoconnect=true"
which you can add to your config file to connect without showing the
launcher GUI.

On OSX, you will need to install xpra using the PKG so that the ".xpra"
extension is associated with the Xpra launcher application.


> I’d like to set the default encoding and store the default server/port but there appears to be no obvious means to do so.  I tried creating a conf file in the .app folder for OS X as the wiki suggests but that doesn’t make any difference if changes are made in there so I assume the launcher has its defaults somewhere else.
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