[winswitch] setup.py not respecting --home when installing config in etc

Antoine Martin antoine at nagafix.co.uk
Mon Aug 22 08:22:41 BST 2016

On 21/08/16 20:45, dan l via shifter-users wrote:
> I am trying to do a local install as described in the "Building with disutils" section of this page: http://xpra.org/trac/wiki/Building
> $ ./setup.py install --home=./install./setup.py install --home=./install
> Xpra version 0.17.4
> found pkg-config version: 1build switches:
> <...snip...>
> updated ./xpra/build_info.py with:* BUILD_BIT            = 64bit* BUILD_CPU            = amd64* BUILD_DATE           = 2016-08-20* BUILD_OS             = BSD* BUILD_TIME           = 19:34* BUILT_BY             = dan* BUILT_ON             = js1* COMPILER_VERSION     = gcc (FreeBSD Ports Collection) 4.8.5* CYTHON_VERSION       = 0.24* LINKER_VERSION       = GNU ld 2.17.50 [FreeBSD] 2007-07-03* PYTHON_VERSION       = 2.7.12* RELEASE_BUILD        = True
> <...snip...>
> copying icons/ticked-small.png -> ./install/share/xpra/iconscreating install/share/applicationscopying xdg/xpra_launcher.desktop -> ./install/share/applicationscopying xdg/xpra.desktop -> ./install/share/applicationscreating install/share/mimecreating install/share/mime/packagescopying xdg/application-x-xpraconfig.xml -> ./install/share/mime/packagescreating install/share/iconscopying xdg/xpra.png -> ./install/share/iconscreating install/share/appdatacopying xdg/xpra.appdata.xml -> ./install/share/appdatacreating install/lib/tmpfiles.dcopying tmpfiles.d/xpra.conf -> ./install/lib/tmpfiles.dcreating /usr/local/etc/xpra
> error: could not create '/usr/local/etc/xpra': Permission denied
> $ pwd
> /usr/home/dan/xpra-0.17.4
> $
> I removed most of the lines of output for brevity, but the install seems to put things in the intended place up until the config files, which it tries to put in /usr/local/etc/xpra.
> Is this intended?
No. That's a bug in the v0.17.x branch, not sure why it only seems to
occur on freebsd.
Not sure it will get fixed in that branch either, because the changes
could be intrusive.

> The documentation for setup
doesn't really make it clear what to expect from "configuration files"
when "--home" is used.
The configuration files should go into --home too.

Latest trunk does build and run fine on FreeBSD, I have also updated the
build instructions:

I have also made a few tweaks to make it easier to build and run on
FreeBSD, including a workaround for a FreeBSD bug affecting all branches:

So you should now be able to:
python2.7 ./setup.py install --home=./install
PYTHONPATH=./install/lib/python/ python2.7 ./install/bin/xpra start
--start=xterm :100


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