[winswitch] [ANNOUNCE] Xpra 0.17.5 (many fixes)

Antoine Martin antoine at nagafix.co.uk
Wed Aug 24 11:57:15 BST 2016


This update contains a large number of fixes, but none of them are
critical. There is no urgency to update if you are not affected by these

The webcam forwarding fixes are probably the most noticeable ones.
There are a number of packaging fixes: workarounds for OSX El Capitan
(where root is not really root..), some FreeBSD fixes, etc
Because of the longer than average gap with the previous update and this
one, there are quite a few library updates (ffmpeg, pillow, gstreamer,
etc) and also some RPM packaging updates (trying to workaround some
Fedora conflicts, naming updates).

One long-standing bug still present in this release is the SSH password
mode with OSX clients, this is finally fixed in the current beta release
but may not get applied to the v0.17.x branch because the change would
be too intrusive. Until then, use SSH keys, TCP mode, or try the beta

Release notes:
* fix sound codec order: prevent incompatibilities with gdp payloader
* fix internal error with some values for the window title option
* fix crash on FreeBSD caused by buggy netifaces package
* fix strict build on FreeBSD, use correct Xvfb command
* fix video region statistics not correctly reset
* fix OSX PKG installation errors on El Capitan and later
* fix OSX installation warnings
* fix X11 keyboard layout setup code corner case handling
* fix VP9 speed setting to prevent excruciatingly slow compression
* fix honour socket-dirs value found in configuration files
* fix Fedora 25+ builds hanging during printer probing
* fix unnecessary delay in network layer of MS Windows clients
* fix xvid encoder debug overlay (now only enabled with debugging)
* fix x265 compilation with python3
* fix cursor errors with no data to send
* fix v4l2 module build on older platforms, add missing build switch
* fix CentOS 7.1 cryptography packaging dependency
* fix misleading cryptography import error message
* fix logging loops with 'network' and 'crypto' debug flags
* fix spurious sound log messages on some platforms (ie: CentOS 6.x)
* fix webcam spurious warnings when already disabled
* fix webcam skewed picture
* fix size calculations for the 1 pixel bottom edge of video areas
* fix heavy import with side effects for shadow servers
* fix MS Windows shadow servers picture corruption
* fix jpeg wrongly included in auto-refresh encodings
* fix compatibility with ffmpeg 3.1+, warn but don't fail
* fix socket-dir option not being honoured
* fix log dir in commented out Xvfb example
* fix build on some non US locales

The source:
Direct binary downloads:


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