[winswitch] Connection lost when connecting to xpra server

dan l akadanitan at yahoo.com
Fri Aug 26 03:58:39 BST 2016

Server: compiled on FreeBSD using svn trunk. "xpra --version" shows "xpra v1.0"Client: Windows 10, Xpra 1.0 revision 13453
Server startup:
$ PYTHONPATH=./install/lib/python/ python2.7 ./install/bin/xpra start --no-daemon :100No pam support: No module named pam2016-08-26 02:07:12,475 created unix domain socket: /home/dan/.xpra/js2-1002016-08-26 02:07:17,200 Warning: menu forwarding is disabled:2016-08-26 02:07:17,201  cannot load dbus helper: No module named dbus2016-08-26 02:07:17,356 Warning: enc_pillow failed its self test2016-08-26 02:07:17,356  /lib/libgcc_s.so.1: version GCC_4.6.0 required by /usr/local/lib/gcc48/libgfortran.so.3 not found2016-08-26 02:07:17,367 Warning: csc_cython failed its self test2016-08-26 02:07:17,367  /lib/libgcc_s.so.1: version GCC_4.6.0 required by /usr/local/lib/gcc48/libgfortran.so.3 not found2016-08-26 02:07:21,637 Warning: failed to load the mdns avahi publisher:2016-08-26 02:07:21,637  No module named avahi2016-08-26 02:07:21,637  either fix your installation or use the 'mdns=no' option2016-08-26 02:07:21,638 Warning: no X11 RandR support on :1002016-08-26 02:07:22,324 15.9GB of system memory2016-08-26 02:07:22,329 Error: failed to import the virtual video module:2016-08-26 02:07:22,329  No module named v4l2.pusher2016-08-26 02:07:22,465 pulseaudio server started with pid 56133pulseaudio: not foundWarning: failed to import GStreamer: GStreamer 1.0: No module named gi GStreamer 0.10: No module named pygst2016-08-26 02:07:22,904 Error: failed to query sound subsystem:2016-08-26 02:07:22,905  query did not return any data2016-08-26 02:07:22,909 Warning: failed to load or register our dbus notifications forwarder:2016-08-26 02:07:22,909  No module named dbus.service2016-08-26 02:07:22,909  if you do not have a dedicated dbus session for this xpra instance,2016-08-26 02:07:22,910  use the 'notifications=no' option2016-08-26 02:07:22,911 cannot load dbus helper: No module named dbus2016-08-26 02:07:22,915 Error setting up our dbus server:2016-08-26 02:07:22,915  No module named dbus2016-08-26 02:07:22,920 xpra X11 version 1.0-r13465 64-bit2016-08-26 02:07:22,920  running with pid 56109 on FreeBSD 10.3-STABLE2016-08-26 02:07:22,920  connected to X11 display :1002016-08-26 02:07:22,953 xpra is ready.2016-08-26 02:07:23,929 Warning: pulseaudio has terminated shortly after startup.2016-08-26 02:07:23,930  pulseaudio is limited to a single instance per user account,2016-08-26 02:07:23,930  and one may be running already for user 'dan'2016-08-26 02:07:23,931  to avoid this warning, either fix the pulseaudio command line2016-08-26 02:07:23,931  or use the 'pulseaudio=no' option

Xclient startup:
$ DISPLAY=:100 xterm
I attempt to connect to the server from the client with the following settings:Mode: SSHEncoding: H.264Quality: AutoSpeed: Autodan at js2 22 : 100
I see on the client:
"starting plink tunnel" flash quickly, followed by "Connection lost"

I see on the server:nothing appears on in stdout on the server

I have verified that I can connect via ssh to dan at js2 using a key that is loaded in pageant.
Any ideas on what could be wrong or how I can debug this further?

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