[winswitch] Xpra performance (over internet)

Antoine Martin antoine at nagafix.co.uk
Sun Aug 28 17:27:59 BST 2016

On 28/08/16 04:35, Ron Eggler via shifter-users wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm using Xpra in the office to connect to my server over the local network
> which works really well for me. Now, I also log into our VPN from home and
> can connect to the server using Xpra too. Which - once settled - works
> reasonably okay. Now I was wondering if the performance can be improved
> over slow links (internet). Whenever I start a session, it always seems to
> take a few mMinutes until I can use an application, i.e. keypresses & mouse
> clicks are accepted. Any way this can be improved?
This sounds like a bug.

Some of the heuristics can take a little while to detect the link speed
and settle down, but minutes sounds like way too much.

Please file a ticket and include "xpra info" (or the bug report tool
data) both right after you connect and again once things are working
well enough.
We should be able to figure out what's taking too long from there.


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