[winswitch] [ANNOUNCE] Xpra LTS 0.14.36 (minor fixes)

Antoine Martin antoine at nagafix.co.uk
Tue Aug 30 14:23:38 BST 2016


This update to the LTS branch contains minor fixes accumulated over
the last few months.
There is nothing major here and no urgency to update.

The next release will be another LTS and it will be protocol compatible
with v0.14.x.
This old LTS branch may still get the occasional update if major issues
are found, but unless you are stuck on an old distribution with Python
2.4 (like CentOS 5.x) or checking for regressions, there is no reason to
be using this branch at this point.

Release notes:
* fix unnecessary delay in network layer of MS Windows clients
* fix sanitization of invalid aspect ratio size hints
* fix error handling in X11 keyboard detection code
* fix MS Windows shadow servers picture corruption
* fix size calculations for the 1 pixel bottom edge of video areas
* fix dbus crash on exit which prevented Xvfb from being killed
* fix run-xpra script accumulating duplicate paths
* fix libx264 API value for infinite key interval
* fix x265 encoder compilation with Python 3.x
* fix minor client logging error causing disconnection from proxy
* fix spurious "Connection lost" warning on disconnection
* fix compilation against ffmpeg 3.1 onwards
* fix video encoder context leak
* fix actual exception reported in GTK X11 errors

The source:
Direct binary downloads:


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