[winswitch] cutting and pasting with Centos 6 and Mac OSX 10.11.3

Todd Thompson toddt at mit.edu
Thu Feb 25 04:18:26 GMT 2016

Are there any particular tips or tricks for getting cutting and
pasting to work with this combination? The closed bugs make it seem
like this *should* work, and yet it doesn't. I'm new to xpra in
general, so I could be missing something obvious, but I've spent a few
hours poking around in forums and nothing seems terribly awry...

Here's the procedure I've been using:

On Centos box:
xpra start :314 --start-child=xterm

Using mac app, connect to remote host display :314 through SSH port
22. The xterm appears, but the standard cut/paste don't appear to
transfer text in either direction.


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