[winswitch] Problem to connect from Windows client

Ron Eggler ron.eggler at gmail.com
Sat Jan 30 18:44:17 GMT 2016


I'm not able to connect with the Windows client to retrieve applications started with xpra. I 
have followed the instructions on https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Xpra[1] to start an 
application with a screen like:

server side:
$ xpra start :7
WARNING: low display number: 7
You are attempting to run the xpra server against what seems to be a default X11 display ':7'.
This is generally not what you want.
You should probably use a higher display number just to avoid any confusion (and also this 
warning message).
Entering daemon mode; any further errors will be reported to:
$ DISPLAY=:7 xterm
which works fine, however, the last command doesn't return aat all but I confirm in a different 
$ xpra list
Found the following xpra sessions:
        LIVE session at :7

client side:
I start the Windows Xpra client application,
set the mode to ssh,
quality  Auto
Speed Auto
user at ip 22:7
password <empty>
Upon which I get asked for my users password tp establish the ssh session and I get 
immediately thrown abck into the xpra client with a message in red
"Connection Lost" - this while I have a second ssh connection open using putty - and I can 
confirm, that second session strays connected at all times. What's going on here? And how can 
I fix this?


[1] https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Xpra

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