[winswitch] keyboard issue

Randy thejunk.b at gmail.com
Fri Jul 8 23:15:21 BST 2016

I discovered an issue with the keyboard being passed correctly to a remote 
host.  I am not sure that it is entirely winswitch/xrpa issue.

I have 2 machines that run Debian Testing (Stretch).  They are patched weekly.  
Both have the keyboard layout set in /etc/default/keyboard to dvork.  There is 
a Debian Jessie Virtualbox vm on the Physical Desktop that I wanted to use as 
a test host for debugging an issue now that they have kde mostly functional 
again.  This Jessie VM also has/had the keyboard layout set to dvoark in 

I launched winswitch on both physical hosts and pulled the Jessie VM to the 
Physical Laptop but was unable to login to it.  When I discovered that it was 
a keyboard layout issue and not me forgetting  the password I was able to 
figure out what keystrokes it took to get logged in.

So I commented out the layout line in /etc/default/keyboard on the VM and 
restarted it, then even though both Physical Hosts still have the dvoark 
layout I was able to login to the vm with my laptop with normal keystrokes.

So I pushed the VM back to the physical desktop and the keyboard functions 
correctly.  As further testing I restarted the VM on the desktop via a reboot 
from within the vm and the keyboard still functions correctly.


If it ain't broke tweek it

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