[winswitch] codec2

Antoine Martin antoine at nagafix.co.uk
Wed Jun 1 03:56:25 BST 2016

On 01/06/16 01:38, Michael Durkin wrote:
> Im wondering how .. if its needed, im not sure , to use codec2 instead of
> opus ...
They are completely unrelated.
* dec_avcodec2 is a video decoder which uses ffmpeg, it is needed for
decoding h264, hevc, etc..
* opus is a sound codec

Both are optional but recommended. If you have vorbis or even mp3, opus
is probably not worth the effort if you are having problems.
h264 on the other hand, is strongly recommended as it is the most
efficient video codec.

> I see a patch for V0.15 but not sure if it is already implements in V0.17
> code ... or use a run switch ...
Please be specific. What distro? What patch?

> Also i see a thread on the server (to client) for xpra sound but not one
> for client microphone to server .... is that not possible ?
I don't understand the question.
As of version 0.15, the sound runs in a separate process, not thread.
If you start the microphone forwarding, you will get an extra process.


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