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Antoine Martin antoine at nagafix.co.uk
Wed Jun 1 07:28:16 BST 2016

On 01/06/16 11:32, Michael Durkin wrote:
> on the Xephyr window ,
So now, you're using Xephyr - but I doubt this is relevant here.

> using pavucontrol there is a device labled xpra on
> the capture tab .... that brings what ever speaker(?) output to the client
> speakers .... there is no reverse option for the microphone .....
Depends what version you are using. See also:

> I want the client microphone to be available to the server .... some times
> its there, some times it not ... im not sure why. Might be a function of
> bandwidth .... connection is over 802.11B -- i think 20mb/s ? connection
> should be ok, but i wonder  if at times there bandwidth/speed drops.
Not enough details.
Please see:


> On Tue, May 31, 2016 at 7:56 PM, Antoine Martin <antoine at nagafix.co.uk>
> wrote:
>> On 01/06/16 01:38, Michael Durkin wrote:
>>> Im wondering how .. if its needed, im not sure , to use codec2 instead of
>>> opus ...
>> They are completely unrelated.
>> * dec_avcodec2 is a video decoder which uses ffmpeg, it is needed for
>> decoding h264, hevc, etc..
>> * opus is a sound codec
>> Both are optional but recommended. If you have vorbis or even mp3, opus
>> is probably not worth the effort if you are having problems.
>> h264 on the other hand, is strongly recommended as it is the most
>> efficient video codec.
>>> I see a patch for V0.15 but not sure if it is already implements in V0.17
>>> code ... or use a run switch ...
>> Please be specific. What distro? What patch?
>>> Also i see a thread on the server (to client) for xpra sound but not one
>>> for client microphone to server .... is that not possible ?
>> I don't understand the question.
>> As of version 0.15, the sound runs in a separate process, not thread.
>> If you start the microphone forwarding, you will get an extra process.
>> Cheers
>> Antoine
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