[winswitch] Window button on MAC VMware

John Smith johnss1221 at gmail.com
Wed Mar 23 08:23:31 GMT 2016


I'm running Xpra client version 0.17.0-r12161 (MS Windows 7 64bit) and Xpra
server version 0.15.10-r11439 (also try 0.17.0-r12132 ( Trusty amd64)).
In the server, I've installed Vmware Workstation 11.1.3 to running a MAC
OSX (Yosemite) on it. Everything is great but only Window button is not.
Whenever I press Window button on MAC (guest OS of Trusty) + S/C/V
button..., Start Menu on Windows 7( the client) was appeared instead of
executing Save As/Copy/Paste on MAC. The keyboard synchronization is ON.

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