Michael Mayer michael at mayer.cx
Tue Mar 29 23:47:44 BST 2016

Dear Antoine,

I was just about to explore the fixes for keyboard support in #1147 
(Thanks for this - looks good to me) when I discovered that the 
environment variables for PASSWORD and ENCRPYTION are gone. They were 
removed in r12099 and r11465. I can see the mention of "Legacy" and 
"security" in the change logs...

Before I am hacking something to get this working again - what is/was 
the exact reasoning for removing those environment variables ?

I quite like the fact that you can specify the password and encryption 
key on-demand in a session before launching xpra - Currently I store the 
password and encrpytion keys in a protected database and extract them 
on-demand to set them. That way I don't leave any trace on the storage 
backend (except in the db). Only the xpra logs are written.

Many thanks,


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