[winswitch] xpra recommendations

Mukul Agrawal mukulagrawal78 at yahoo.com
Fri May 6 00:06:51 BST 2016

I am asking for asking for your expert recommendation.
Here is my situation:-1. I loved XPRA experience because of -- A. great speed (no latency) is make or break deal for me, B. seamless/rootless behavior is highly desirable and C. control on which remote apps/windows should be exposed on client computer is must (i.e. VNC like programs that exposes entire desktop doesn't work for me).

2. I would like to avoid installing any software on client computer. A complete browser based solution will be awesome.
3. I tried Xpra HTML5 client. It works fine, but loosing seamless behavior is really really painful.
4. Now, I am leaning towards Java applet based solutions hoping it will solve all my needs. From your experience, any prior warnings or recommendations? Any chance it will satisfy all my needs mentioned above ? Otherwise I will save myself some time and effort and stick with HTML5 client only.

[One criteria I did not list above is the usual constraint that I access remote server from variety of OS and/or browsers. Remote server always runs linux.]

As always, any advice greatly appreciated.
 Regards, Mukul

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