[winswitch] scaling issue on iMac

Antoine Martin antoine at nagafix.co.uk
Sun May 22 07:08:58 BST 2016

On 22/05/16 03:39, Cameron Taggart wrote:
> I got rid of the "--no-install-recommends" in the install, and now the
> install of xpra 0.17.2 is as recommended.
> https://github.com/ctaggart/dotnet-vscode/blob/master/root/install-xpra.sh
> The issue is that it is zoomed in too much by default. I posted a
> side-by-side screenshot as well as the server and client output here:
> https://github.com/ctaggart/dotnet-vscode/issues/5
This can be caused by two things, probably both at once:
* desktop-scaling, turn it off if you don't want it
* DPI synchronization

> Any suggestions on how I can fix this manual or automatically would be
> awesome. I want to show off Xpra to others, but need to fix this first.
For further reading, have a look at this ticket and its links:


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