[winswitch] How do I use xpra as a substitute for a remote desktop like VNC or X2go?

Antoine Martin antoine at nagafix.co.uk
Sun Oct 9 16:36:36 BST 2016

On 09/10/16 21:36, vfclists . via shifter-users wrote:
> I have been getting some problems using the KDE Plasma 5 desktop on Debian
> Stretch/Sid using x2go and VNC on I want to try xpra instead.
> If I want to run an XFCE or Gnome session for instance, how do I start the
> xpra instance on the server? I have been able to get sessions going and I
> can run individual sessions in them, but how do I run desktops themselves?
The best way is using the current pre-release (http://xpra.org/beta):
xpra start-desktop ssh/$HOST --start-child=xterm --exit-with-children

>From that xterm you can then launch the KDE session (whatever the launch
command for that is - I do not know). Once that works, you can replace
that command in the "start-child" command line argument.


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