[winswitch] [ANNOUNCE] Xpra 0.17.6 (many fixes)

Antoine Martin antoine at nagafix.co.uk
Fri Oct 28 16:46:25 BST 2016


This update contains a very large number of fixes, including a critical
fix for the NVENC encoder when used with Nvidia's Pascal GPUs: this
prevents hard system lockups (local DoS bug in their drivers).

Other notable fixes: some printing issues, many fixes for OSX and the
proxy server, build fixes. Updating is recommended.

Release notes:
* fix server-side av-sync queue level accounting
* fix system lockups with Nvidia Pascal GPUs
* fix osx log directory lookup for shadow servers
* fix win32 system authentication for shadow servers
* fix pycups errors with non string options
* fix for GTK3: force X11 backend
* fix yaml missing version
* fix missing lzo with OSX builds
* fix OSX bug report tool command
* fix OSX build stripping
* fix clang builds (ignore warning from cython generated code)
* fix build failures when nvcc is on the PATH
* fix race condition in authentication handling (mostly harmless)
* fix logging error in fakexinerama error handler
* fix desktop scaling reset (was rounding)
* fix file transfer via control channel command
* fix handling of fatal errors when there are no socket directories
* fix pulseaudio process tagging
* fix proxy server when running on Python 2.6 and older glib versions
* fix proxy packet re-compression, server type exported
* fix minor debug logging error, avoid a spurious refresh warning
* fix read-only mode command line parsing and tray menu errors
* fix video encoding failures when video automatic scaling changes
* fix hidden launcher bug on OSX with connection files
* fix non-X11 servers image corruption
* fix MS Windows and OSX build compatibility with OpenSSL 1.1
* fix video region detection dbus API
* fix compilation with older versions of Cython
* fix avoid crash with older versions of python-netifaces
* fix stuck sound processes, use force exit if needed
* fix disabled video region flag not honoured
* fix stuck key modifiers when window loses focus
* fix proxy hello data format
* fix proxy authentication errors, add missing xpra info
* fix display not honoured when connecting to a proxy
* fix proxy failures with a single display detected more than once
* fix proxy IO thread timeouts
* fix authentication salt and hash handling (size and sanity checks)
* fix some system authentication modules

The source:
Direct binary downloads:


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