[winswitch] xpra window will stay on top

Antoine Martin antoine at nagafix.co.uk
Thu Sep 1 04:38:41 BST 2016

On 01/09/16 01:40, Mukul Agrawal via shifter-users wrote:
> Like to report a buggy behavior.Running client on windows 7.Used putty to ssh to remote ubuntu machine.
> Launched a remote firefox app on remote machine.Got the window to pop-up on local windows machine.
> Good thing is that firefox will stay open even when Putty loses/expires connection.
> But .... once Putty has lost the connection, firefox window starts behaving weird. It would want to stay on top of all other windows no mater what. Even if I click on some other window, this will not go back. I can only minimize it.I did not experience this as long as Putty connection was active.
Try to start firefox directly, without putty.
Or start firefox from nohup, screen or tmux so that when the tty goes
away when your connection is closed, the application won't lose its
controlling tty. ie with the latest builds you can do:
xpra_cmd start ssh/username:password at serverhost:sshport/ --start=firefox

If you still experience issues, then maybe you're hitting this bug:
Please add your details there (OS, version, steps, etc.)


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