[winswitch] [ANNOUNCE] Xpra 1.0.7 LTS : many minor fixes

Antoine Martin antoine at nagafix.co.uk
Mon Aug 14 18:48:55 BST 2017


This update contains a large number of fixes but they are mostly
cosmetic issues or build and platform quirks, the only true bug fixes
affected DPI, XSettings and a rare clipboard crash.

There is no urgency to update if your were not affected by those issues.

Warning: the 1.x branch is only really meant to be used by those who are
unable to upgrade because they are stuck on an outdated operating system
like CentOS 6.x, Mac OS < 10.10, Windows XP, etc.
The 1.x binaries for Mac OS and MS Windows are known to contain a number
of security vulnerabilities. This is only going to get worse with time.
Use at your own risk.
The situation is marginally better when running on Linux distributions
as long as the vendors continue to provide security updates.

Release notes:
* fix authentication with unencrypted xor mode
* fix potential symlink attacks when running the proxy server as root
* fix packet handling errors with AES encryption enabled
* fix RPM build errors due to incompatible build and install switches
* fix Debian Stretch x264 package dependency
* fix Debian deprecated package name for Python Pillow
* fix window aspect ratio handling in client
* fix compatibility with Fedora 26: disable broken systemd-run
* fix RPM build dependency: the test phase needs rencode
* fix build prefix stripping with newer Debian versions
* fix proxy server errors with scroll encoded packets
* fix errors during launcher cleanup
* fix Mac OS corrupted build patch
* fix crashes accessing some xsettings
* fix systray logging on posix OS
* fix Cython runtime warnings in keyboard definition parsing
* fix compilation with Cython 0.26b0
* fix sample configuration file line endings on MS Windows
* fix Mac OS build failures with python3 installed
* fix Mac OS errors with clipboard disabled on server
* fix XSettings error preventing server from starting
* fix server startup error in the window icon capture code
* fix window repaint after change in border paint status
* fix icon error on resume from suspended state
* fix error message for missing shadow X11 display
* fix DPI miscalculation in case of platform API error
* fix handling of shadow server screen resizing
* fix window geometry feature flag wrongly removed
* fix missing window filter for raise packets
* fix command error when stopping a local server via TCP or SSL
* fix crashes due to a GTK clipboard bug
* fix NVENC complete system lockups
* fix invalid packet error message logging
* fix OpenGL context creation failure message
* fix duplicate button click events
 (causing triple clicks with MS Windows servers)
* fix X11 timetstamp overflow
* fix DoS with invalid connections
* full quality refresh control command
* honour window ids with the control channel to adjust speed and quality
* ignore dead sockets when enumerating possible X11 displays
* add runtime warning: the GTK3 client should not be used
* add missing man page entries
* add missing "meta" modifier to keyboard tools
* use a smaller initial display size with desktop mode



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