[winswitch] Scrolling with mouse wheel not working

Lukas Haase lukashaase at gmx.at
Fri Feb 3 04:25:42 GMT 2017

> Gesendet: Donnerstag, 02. Februar 2017 um 17:53 Uhr
> Von: "Antoine Martin" <antoine at nagafix.co.uk>
> An: "Lukas Haase" <lukashaase at gmx.at>
> Cc: shifter-users at lists.devloop.org.uk
> Betreff: Re: [winswitch] Scrolling with mouse wheel not working
Hi Antoine,

I guess I do not completely understand your answer:

> (..)
> > You are right - it is CentOS 6 ;-)
> > 
> >> [...]
> >> You can try running the client with "-d mouse" and you should see events
> >> like those:
> >> _button_action(4, ...
> >> (4 for up and 5 for down. 6 for left and 7 for right)
> > 
> > Ok. When I use scroll up using the mouse wheel I get tons of these messages:
> > 
> > 2017-02-02 17:28:29,496 mousewheel: orientation=vertical distance=30.0, units=0, new value=0.0, keys=0x0, x=439, y=360, client=gtk2.client, wid=218
> > 
> > When I scrool down (the one that works) the messages are slightly different:
> > 
> > 2017-02-02 17:29:41,362 mousewheel: send 1 wheel events to the server for distance=-120, remainder=0
> > 2017-02-02 17:29:41,382 mousewheel: orientation=vertical distance=-30.0, units=-1, new value=-30.0, keys=0x0, x=434, y=375, client=gtk2.client, wid=218
> MS Windows clients have extra code for handling scrolling acceleration:
> https://xpra.org/trac/ticket/1131
> The "distance" is accumulated until we reach 120. (this is a MS Windows
> constant)
> It looks like your system uses a non-standard vertical acceleration set
> to just 30 (4 times slower than normal), so it may take 4 wheel scroll
> steps to generate one scroll event server side. (and up to 7 events if
> you had already scrolled 3 events in the opposite direction)

But wouldn't this mean that if I scroll long enough up, it would eventually generate an event?
It does not. No matter how long I scroll, xev never generates any output when scrolling upwards.

1.) If I use Xming server and execute "xpra attach :1000" from within SSH session, everything works. (So it works on the same system with a different X server)
2.) It does not work with 4 different mice (2x USB, 1x Bluetooth, 1x RF/USB)
3.) In the control panel under Mouse -> Wheel, the Vertical and Horizontal scrolling setting were the same (3). I set both of them to 1. No difference

4.) Unfortunately (because less reproducible) - it works in Win7 VM in VirtualBox on the same machine.

> This code could be improved to tiemout or at least reset the distance
> when the scrolling changes direction. Feel free to file a ticket for it.

Given 1-3 - do you still think this is the case?
I would then create a ticket referencing this conversation.


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