[winswitch] Font troubles with Mac client

Douglas Doole dougdoole at gmail.com
Tue Feb 7 22:58:41 GMT 2017

Hi. I'm having trouble with fonts when using the Mac client.

My server is Ubuntu 14.04. Both the client and server are running Xpra

Most of the time I am connected to my Xpra server from my Ubuntu machine in
loopback mode (client and server running on the same machine). When I'm
working remotely, however, I'll connect from my MacBook Pro.

When I connect Xpra, all the windows that are already open are fine.
(Generally the windows are terminals and gvim. The text in all the windows
is a reasonable size.) However if I create any new windows (such as start a
new instance of gvim) the text in the new window is too small to read.
Non-text elements (such as icons and window controls) are properly sized,
so it's not a general scaling issue. (I've tried other applications as
well, such as firefox and eclipse, and the behaviour is consistent - tiny
fonts but other elements are properly sized.)

Any suggestions on how to fix the fonts for newly created windows from the
Mac client?


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