[winswitch] /run/xpra directory permissions

Stroller stroller at stellar.eclipse.co.uk
Fri Feb 17 00:21:22 GMT 2017

> On 16 Feb 2017, at 20:40, shanew--- via shifter-users <shifter-users at lists.devloop.org.uk> wrote:
> Do you have the file /usr/lib/tmpfiles.d/xpra.conf on your gentoo
> installation?  This should cause gentoo to create the /run/xpra
> directory with the appropriate permission at boot time (since /run is
> a tmpfs thing these days).


I don't think my system has been rebooted since I installed xpra, though (well, maybe when I used xpra before, 2+ years ago).

> Note though that users will need to be in the xpra group for this to
> work.  

So I add my user to the xpra group, and then reboot?

It seems like you're saying the /run/xpra directory won't be created if no users are in the group?

Thanks for your time and help,


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