[winswitch] [ANNOUNCE] Xpra 2.0.3 : many fixes

Antoine Martin antoine at nagafix.co.uk
Tue Jul 4 15:06:36 BST 2017


This minor update fixes a large number of issues, mostly found in build
and packaging, HTML5 client, network layer, etc
The security issue only affected MS Windows users running servers with
the "sys" authentication module.
There is no urgency to update if you were not affected by those issues.

Release notes:
* fix security issue in the win32 authentication module
* fix potential symlink attacks when running the proxy server as root
* fix authentication with unencrypted xor mode
* fix packet handling errors with AES encryption enabled
* fix compatibility with Fedora 26: disable broken systemd-run
* fix RPM build errors due to incompatible build and install switches
* fix RPM build dependency: the test phase needs rencode
* fix build prefix stripping with newer Debian versions
* fix Debian Stretch x264 package dependency
* fix Debian deprecated package name for Python Pillow
* fix window aspect ratio handling in client
* fix server startup failures when running without stdout or stderr
* fix library versions used when multiple versions are installed
* fix loss of clipboard synchronization with direction restrictions
* fix audio stream duplicated header
* fix vp8 codec maximum picture size (8kx4k on posix platforms)
* fix shadow servers picture corruption when using non-standard
* fix HTML5 exception in audio error handler
* fix HTML5 using the wrong audio codec
* fix HTML5 audio codec fallback
* fix HTML5 audio not closed on end-of-stream
* fix HTML5 MediaSource API availability detection
* fix HTML5 spurious paint error messages
* fix X11 ICC profile version handling: continue if missing
* fix X11 extensions checks, prevent event code mismatch
* fix window model leak when we fail to manage a window
* fix nvenc encoding reported (wrongly hardcoded to H264)
* fix handling of unsupported connection types
* fix handling of desktop window resizing, prevent it from moving
* fix missing error exit code from test-connect and remote-start
* fix lost window icons with some window managers
* fix python-lz4 library version detection
* fix audio forwarding with MS Windows clients in GUI mode
* fix errors during launcher cleanup
* fix proxy server errors with scroll encoded packets
* fix Mac OS corrupted build patch
* fix command name used for audio forwarding on MS Windows
* fix crashes accessing some xsettings
* fix systray logging on posix OS
* use a smaller initial display size with desktop mode
* launcher now shows the more secure transports first
* disable "legacy mp3" audio decoding in the HTML5 client
* avoid warnings when running with newer versions of the config files
* blacklist Mesa Intel Ivybridge GPU

The source:
Direct binary downloads:


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