[winswitch] auto-repeat keys with xpra

Anthony Stone ajs1 at cam.ac.uk
Wed Jul 19 17:59:21 BST 2017

I have been using xpra for a while to connect from home over broadband
to my office computer. It's generally fine, and I appreciate the work
that's gone into it, but there is an irritating feature: if I use the
auto-repeat by holding down a delete or cursor key, the display doesn't
keep up with the auto-repeat, so it's impossible to stop at the right
point. Presumably every repeat has to be sent to the server and
reflected back before it's displayed. This didn't happen with NX, which
I used to use, and as xpra is apparently based on NX, would it be
possible to echo the cursor position or deletion locally in real time
even if the server takes a while to catch up?


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