[winswitch] future direction for HTML5 client and 1.x LTS series

Antoine Martin antoine at nagafix.co.uk
Thu Jul 27 09:45:07 BST 2017


In order to make it easier to contribute to the project, the HTML5
client will now accept pull requests on github:
It does make sense to split this code out since it isn't really tied to
the rest of the project or even any specific server version.
We may consider splitting off other (sub)projects, or just offering dual
repositories depending on how well this works out.

The 1.0 LTS branch is also reaching the point where the number of fixes
is decreasing fast enough that we can consider updating it with more
significant changes than the usual small-bug-fix-only policy.
This will become the 1.1 branch. This branch is only relevant for those
stuck on outdated OSes like CentOS 6.x, everyone else should be running
the 2.x series.

The constraints are:
* the changes must still be self-contained, not modifying too many files
* bring real benefits in terms of behaviour or fixes
* as before, the changes must have been committed to trunk first - but
the changes must also have been available in a released version, and not
just a beta

The current list of nominations can be found here:
Feel free to submit your requests there or through tickets.


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