[winswitch] LXDE start-desktop black screen

Evan Sarmiento esarmien at g.harvard.edu
Thu Jun 15 19:33:26 BST 2017

I noticed this in Chrome and Firefox. When I try to start XPRA with start-desktop using the following command:
["xpra", "start-desktop", "--start=startlxde", "--daemon=off", \

"--bind-tcp=", "--html=on", "--no-mdns", \

"--no-notifications", "--no-pulseaudio”]

and then connect over :8080 using Google Chrome and Firefox I’m greeted with an entirely blank screen. Am I starting lxde incorrectly?
It’s also very slow, however when I run it using simply ‘start’, rather than start-desktop, it’s much faster and renders somewhat properly. Let me know if you need any further information.
root at b08de20996e7:/# xpra --version

xpra v2.0.2-r15657

Evan Sarmiento Systems Project Manager Harvard-MIT Data Center

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